It's another 15th June, Happy birthday to Me

Happy birthday from me to i !

It's another memorable day for me.
It has always been God's grace taking me thus far.

For this reason and more, I want to specially thank God who Renewed my lifespan up to this moment. I'm eternally grateful for all the blessings and the gifts of life.

Its another year to build on my dreams to be Productive and Proactive, to share my life gifts and be a blessing to other people. It's another great chance to live, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate, and to execute whatever left unexecuted in my Life. I pray that the good Lord will always guide Me and help Me become a better person every day.

Lastly, my profound gratitude goes to my earthly parents,siblings,friends and well wishers for your endless love and prayers, most specially from;

#TeamOhamadike, #YoungAspiringLeadersNetwork #NationalUnionOfAnambraStateUnionNationWide

May You all be my Guide as I continue to Crave for a Virile Nigerian Youths' Unionism (NYU) and Involvement in good leadership, Revolutionized Nigeria which our children will be Boastful of.

I am indeed happy to see another 15th June of the Year..
Happy birthday to me!!!

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